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"Books for anyone and everyone!"

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Books For Anyone And Everyone !

Welcome to Apnabookwala

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” Keeping this very principle in mind, we at ApnaBookWala have come up with a platform wherein with the online sales of books we fulfill this NECESSITY.
Now, what is this NECESSITY you ask? We have also been a part of this student fraternity and we do realize that purchases and returns of books can sometimes be a headache. Like in this fast-paced world, finding sellers who would offer decent discount schemes on all our books, investing time and money to travel to those sellers and then purchase the books …well all this seems quite a tedious task, doesn’t it?. Also then keep a track of your return period. Simply because if you snooze you might lose. All this have compelled us to wish for a system which takes care of all of the above-mentioned matters. And thus have risen the NECESSITY to have an online bookstore.
And therefore we believe that,
Gone are those days when you had to travel to distant shops in order to buy your curriculum books. Thus investing not only your time and energy into it but also wasting your money on traveling.
Ask yourself,
Wouldn't it be nice to have a platform from where you can order books and get them delivered right to you? Guess what ApnaBookwala serves this very purpose. Recognized as one of the top 12 start-ups pan India, ApnaBookwala aims at being a decent player as a bookselling brand keeping in mind customer convenience

Salient features:

  • Sales of academic books as well as novels.
  • Reasonable discount schemes.
  • A long return period.
  • Attractive discounts on LMRs.
  • Transparent delivery service.