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Engineering Thermodynamics

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Book Condition: New

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: P. Chattopadhyay
Edition: 2nd

This second edition of Engineering Thermodynamics is designed as a textbook for undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering. A self-study text, it provides an in-depth coverage of the fundamental principles of thermodynamics. While providing the mathematical representation, it also lays emphasis on the physical aspects of the subject.


Chapter 1: Basic Concepts Chapter 2: Heat and Work Transfer Chapter 3: First Law of Thermodynamics Chapter 4: Second Law of Thermodynamics Chapter 5: Entropy Chapter 6: Thermodynamic Availability Chapter 7: Properties of Steam Chapter 8: Ideal Gas and Real Gas Chapter 9: Vapour Power Cycles Chapter 10: Gas Power Cycles Chapter 11: Refrigeration Cycles Chapter 12: Chemical Equilibrium Chapter 13: Combustion Chapter 14: Thermodynamic Relations Chapter 15: Psychrometrics Chapter 16: Thermodynamics of Turbomachines Chapter 17: Reciprocating Air Compressors
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