Modern Digital Electronics

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Author:R P Jain
Publisher:Tata McGraw Hill Publication
Edition: 4th

Book Condition:New

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The revised edition of Modern Digital Electronics focuses on rigorous coverage of design and analysis of complex digital circuits and systems through enhanced elucidation of Sequential Logic Design, PLDs, Memories and VHDL implementation codes. Begins with the fundamental concepts of digital electronics, it covers digital design using VHDL supported by plethora of examples.

Table of contents:
br>hapter 1. Fundamental Concepts | Chapter 2. Number Systems and Codes | Chapter 3. Semiconductor Devices-Switching Mode Operation | Chapter 4. Digital Logic Families | Chapter 5. Combinational Logic Design | Chapter 6. Combinational Logic Design using MSI Circuits | Chapter 7. FLIP-FLOPs Chapter 8. Sequential Logic Design Chapter 9. Timing Circuits Chapter 10. A/D and D/A converters Chapter 11. Semiconductor memories Chapter 12. Programmable Logic Devices Chapter 13. Fundamentals of Microprocessors Chapter 14. Computer Aided Design of Digital Systems